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Not only do each of these spaghetti sauce brands contain added sugar—some with more than a bowl of Frosted Flakes!

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This is a costly switch, as studies have shown that EVOO contains the highest amount of disease-fighting polyphenols and fat-blasting oleic acid of all plant oils. Contrarily, the seed- and bean-derived oils are full of unhealthy fats like omega-6s, a group of fatty acids that have been connected to increased levels of inflammation and weight gain.

Pasta sauce is one of the top sources of cancer-fighting lycopene in the American diet thanks to the Italian gravy's use of cooked tomatoes.

Bertolli Organic Traditional Olive Oil, Basil & Garlic

Bertolli doubles down on the benefits by using organic tomatoes, a variety that research suggests may have higher levels of these disease-fighting polyphenols and vitamin C than conventionally-grown varieties. That's why we're even more disappointed Bertolli chose to bog down this sauce with sugar—even if it is organic. Like Bertolli, Ragu does right by using all organic products in their Traditional sauce.

In case you didn't know, Ragu's "Traditional" sauces differ from their "Marinara" sauces because of the addition of Romano cheese. Unfortunately, their attempt to do right is foiled by their offenses of adding inflammatory soybean oil —which, we're happy to say is at least organic, and thus pesticide- and carcinogen-free—and sugar to the sauce. Prego Farmer's Market sauces are definitely a step up from their conventional varieties. While there are no organic products—as you may have been led to believe by the "Farmers' Market" labelling—the ingredient list is short and without any questionable additives.

That is, except for sugar. We approve of a short ingredient list, but we're skeptical of Ragu's inclusion of the always-ambiguous additive, "Natural Flavor," one or many chemical compounds derived from "natural sources" which can include anywhere between different ingredients. Here's where it starts to get dicey—and we're not just referring to the diced tomatoes. Ragu adds something called "Calcium Chloride" to their crushed tomatoes as a "firming acid. They also use more soybean oil than extra virgin and, like in many Ragu sauces, natural flavor.

We were shocked to discover the celebrity chef made famous for his Italian dishes uses more soybean oil than extra virgin olive oil in his recipe. We wished Barilla could have made it higher on the list thanks to its low-fat content, average sodium levels, and use of only extra virgin olive oil. Ragu's Traditional sauce sinks down below their Marinara offering because of their excessive use of sugar and soybean oil.

Seems like this is one of the unhealthiest spaghetti sauce brands across the board. Despite working for Ragu while growing up, the founder of Francesco Rinaldi somehow manages to make nutritionally-inferior options to the well-recognized brand. This sauce falls short because it's high in sodium and full of extra sugar.

Homestyle refers to the way you'd make a stewed sauce at home, but we'd bet you wouldn't add as much soybean oil or sugar as Emeril does. This sauce falls below the chunky one above because it's higher in calories and carbs, which won't help you melt away that stomach fat. Francesco's Traditional flavors, both Original, which includes an imported Pecorino Romano cheese, and Marinara are made with similar ingredients and are thus nutritionally similar in that they're high in sodium and sugar.

Sure it's organic, but that isn't enough of a reason to buy Bertolli's Tomato Basil, which is high in calories, fat, sodium, and sugar compared to other conventional brands. Here's a weight loss tip : don't grab this jar off the shelf. It might be good for your heart because it's lower in sodium—compared to the other Prego sauces, that is. But if you're looking for low sodium, check out our best list of healthy spaghetti sauce brands below for an "Eat This"-approved recipe.

Because between the excess amount of sugar and inflammatory omega-6s from the canola oil, this sauce really isn't as heart-friendly as we'd like. This "Traditional" sauce is far from traditional, as it is completely free of any extra virgin olive oil and only contains canola oil.

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That's not the only problem—the sauce also boasts as much sugar as a French Cruller donut from Dunkin' Donuts. Although lower by a single gram of sugar than the Prego before it, the Tomato, Basil, Garlic version is higher in fats—all from canola oil—and higher in calories. Reading Bertolli's Tomato Basil nutrition label is like walking on a sidewalk during an ice storm. Everything is fine for a while until BAM you hit black ice and are sprawled on the floor.

That's how we felt when we saw relatively healthy nutritionals and then glanced at how much sugar was in this sauce — 11 grams! High in calories, inflammatory fats, and sugar mean this Homestyle sauce will blunt your efforts to lose 10 pounds. Lo and behold the worst of the worst of spaghetti sauce brands. A glance at the name gives you an idea of how you'll look after spooning this sauce over your pasta: chunky. Full of more sugar than a bowl of Froot Loops cereal and fats entirely from likely pesticide-laden soybean oil, this pick is definitely a Not That!

We gave preference to spaghetti sauce brands that are made with organic ingredients, those who used only extra virgin olive oil, and those without added sugar. From there, we sorted by nutrition, primarily looking at calories, sodium, fat, and added sugar. Although similar to the Marinara listed below, this Bombolina sauce has an extra gram of fat and carb and an extra 10 calories. It also ranked higher because we're skeptical of Newman's Own's use of "Natural Flavor.

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Unfortunately, Newman's adds cane sugar to the sauce, an unnecessary addition. We're pleased by the low-calorie option out of Prego, but they still add sugar as a stand-in for fat—an unfortunate substitution as the vitamin A found in tomatoes is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means your body won't be able to reap its free-radical-fighting benefits without a little drizzle of EVOO.

For a sauce that adds sugar to the mix, this Tomato Basil by Classico is still impressively low in sugar, and contains even less sweet stuff than some brand with no sugar added! They rank farther back compared to some of the sugar-added varieties below because Classico isn't organic, which has been connected with a greater concentration of vitamin C and polyphenols in tomatoes.

They also use "calcium chloride" a thickening agent and just plain old "olive oil," which has fewer antioxidants than the extra virgin variety. There's no sugar added, but there's also no fat added, which means you won't be able to absorb all those fat-soluble vitamin A antioxidants. Payment Methods accepted by seller.

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About this title Synopsis: 50 Great Pasta Sauces has all the right ingredients to become a best-selling cookbook: everyday Italian recipes that can be prepared fast and affordably, illustrated with beautiful four-color photography. Living on a farm in Tuscany, Pamela Sheldon Johns knows more than a little about Italian cooking, and 50 Great Pasta Sauces showcases some of her best sauces collected throughout her extensive culinary career.

The recipes are divided into four mouthwatering categories--vegetable sauces, meat sauces, seafood sauces, and dairy sauces--each designed to be the centerpiece of an irresistible, unforgettable meal. Readers can practically taste the flavorful pasta dishes pictured in the rich, four-color photographs that accompany the recipes.

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