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However, the mass of armor does seem to have some effect. This means that the ClickTech combat system is more reminiscent of modern combat with heavier armor making it harder to cause internal damage, which is what I interpret clicks of damage to be. So, instead of having range and movement modifiers, I'm going to apply a single armor modifier to the to-hit roll based off gunnery. A normal DA attack is simply rolling 3d6, adding the attack value, and comparing it to the defense.

So, flat out on 3d6, you'd need the Defense - Attack to cause damage. I'm going with ten attack, so all the defense values would need to subtract ten. This needs to be modified so that it will be the final result once you add the armor mod to a 4 gunnery. At the ranges involved in a normal DA game, movement and range modifiers do not apply.

Instead every unit gets an armor modifier that all attackers apply to their gunnery when making an attack. Aimed shots on other locations may not have to apply this. Each location will have a distinct armor modifier that applies to aimed attacks. In either case the armor modifier can be manipulated by weapon traits and arc modifiers.

They can simply be added on as normal. I haven't seen a defense lower than twelve, and that's on nearly dead infantry or vehicles. Damage is a different matter. I haven't cemented anything yet, but, I'm following the idea that Mechs in the AlterniTech Dark Age setting have tied systems which are fragile to feedback from damage. I personally think that all shots are being zeroed in on the center of the Mech, with no chance for straying to appendages. However, I was looking at a few vehicles, and the clicks some vehicles have exceed the amount of internal structure that have on any one location.

So, I know I'm going to be applying a point modifier of sorts. Maybe double.

Maybe x Not sure yet. This will allow for a finer scale of damage and allow for more detail. Crits I want to be random. However, with no shots going limbs or odd locations, applying them so that a person gets motive damage, and weapon damage, and stuff like that will recall a crit transfer style system.

I'm still working on that one, but I figure a lot of it would have to do with damage to the power plant. Heat is interesting.

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A lot of Mechs in DA don't have much in the way of shutdown checks until late in the dial. This suggests to me one of two things: A some ammo and shutdown rolls are considered auto successes. Or, there's a certain point on a normal BT heatscale where shutdown is automatic when it shouldn't be. I'm going with the latter.

More to come as I work things out. Comments and suggestions welcome. In the AlterniVerse, the armor and defensive technologies are more deflective in nature, and not necessarily ablative.

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However, refinements have reached a point where the base range is much shorter for AlterniVerse weaponry. Longer ranges are significantly difficult because the degree of power loss and focus of firepower are significant enough beyond that point as to be completely ineffective against the armor. As such, all standard BattleTech weapon ranges retain their range in hexes on a Z-hex map without alteration.

However at this scale, all non-conventional infantry units have an absolute minimum range of 2 for their weapons. On the flip side, all physical attacks made by standard BattleTech units have a range of two hexes. A Z-hex is 7.

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A AlT turn is 10 seconds. So, all MPs for standard BattleTech units are multiplied by 4. That's right. Even the most basic relic of the 3rd succession war is a speed demon on an AlT playing field. BattleTech units apply the armor modifier.

They ignore movement modifiers, both target and attacker, when determining to-hit numbers for attacks. Audiobook Samples. Awards and Recognition. Make Bright the Arrows.

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