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Art therapy helps patients and victims of all ages show their true feelings.

The act of creating can reveal insight, release tension and aggression, build self-esteem and promote personal interactions. It is used in hospitals, shelters, schools, clinics and even prisons. Several students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago are awarded funding each year to encourage artistic creation by elderly people, especially those with memory loss or dementia.

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Other projects helped seniors document their lives through video, shadowboxes and writing. Resident art therapist H.

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Willow Troy works with children with blood disorders and cancer. They are inpatient and outpatient, chronic, acute and terminal.

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Sometimes the act of putting something down, even a line, colour or diagram can provide a new perspective on a situation or problem. Only the person who makes an image has the right to say what it might mean — the Art Therapist does not interpret but facilitates self-expression and self-exploration, which may result in insight, growth and change. Confidentiality Art Therapists at the Tara Centre adhere to the highest professional standards of confidentiality in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the accrediting body, Tara Centre policies and current legal requirements.

The Holistic Approach to Treating Kids With Cancer

As in all therapies the trust that is built between the client and the therapist is of great importance. The context of the session and any art work produced in the context of therapy is regarded as strictly confidential and is kept safely. The Art Therapists are also registered members of this association, and are state registered under the Health Professions Council H.

The Art Therapist has considerable understanding of art processes and is trained in a variety of psychological models and most have a sound knowledge of psychodynamic theory and practice, enabling them to work with the conscious and unconscious material that emanates from the artwork.

How Is Holistic Treatment Applied to Addiction Therapy?

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