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Games for People With Alzheimer’s

Though originally intended to improve the working of healthy brains, these products are proving to be effective therapy for people with dementia. Like everything computer, electronic games will not totally replace more conventional ones, but should be considered as an important addition to an activity program whenever possible.

A board game with a colorful playing surface and objects that can be handled cards, dice, etc. Many games involve a physical component. And be sure to allow the people in your care to have a say in the selection process. That familiarity with the activity will serve to stimulate memories at the same time that it holds attention.

And it gets even better if there little ones about to play along. Qwirkle is one of our favorite games because it can be enjoyed in so many different ways. Put together in an array the effect was even more stimulating. She was in her 90s after all. Bernice loved to share what she created and ask for help and suggestions. This gave her a reason to talk, to communicate, something that can be difficult as dementia progresses. Qwirkle is a strategic game. Players create and build upon lines based on the same color or shape.

In fact, it is great mental stimulation.

5 Ways Bingo Can Help Boost Senior Health

Or she just created pretty patterns. Because of her love of design, she would match some by color and others by shape. She concentrated on her design, working sometimes for more than 30 minutes Save. She was obviously quite pleased with herself and her final product.

Except for a few tiles, they were matched either by shape or by color; but even her mis-matches were not mistakes. An added challenge is to invent your own ways to play. Designed specifically to benefit people with cognitive and memory impairment, PicLink is a wonderful game for younger people as well. The games are based upon exercises that research has shown improves brain connections and enhances memory.

Included are 30 distinct aroma diffusers in tamper-resistant flasks which players match to the corresponding image found on five brightly illustrated game boards. It is difficult to create an activity that stimulates both the olfactory sense and cognition at the same time that it elicits memories. So you can see why we are so excited. Developed by specialists in the field of gerontology and recreation, each easy to play game contains questions that will unlock memories as it provides hours of fun and social interaction.

The study study we referenced at the beginning of this page concluded that playing Bingo specifically provides mental stimulation that is highly therapeutic.

Patients participating in the study performed significantly better on measures of cognition. Staff members reported increases in alertness and awareness for hours after testing. There is a host of clinical investigations that have arrived at similar conclusions. At the left we cite a number of references and briefly quote the findings of the researchers.

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There are many similar studies. Thank you.

Social Skills Activity: Emotions Bingo!

Have a nice day. There are some great free to play online games that appear very popular, entertaining and effective. My mother loves anything by Sharpmind Games, especially themahjong. My father worked with his hands. He was a machinist.


I would put them all together and asked him to undo them. As he was doing that I would screw the others back together. He thought it was part of his job. Good for you, Beth!

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We all like to think we are doing something important, and to your father was doing important work there. Dear members, I have developed a nice memory game matching game to improve memory and exercise your brain. Participants learn to identify causes of anger, symptoms of anger, consequences of anger, strategies to control anger, and strategies to prevent anger.

BINGO Games for Adults (7 Game Set) – Self Help Warehouse

Powered by Shopify. Menu Cart Wishlist 0. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist Your wishlist has been temporarily saved. Out Of Stock! We will notify you when this product becomes available. Availability Date:. Set includes 1 each of the following Bingo Games: Smoking Prevention Bingo - Address why kids smoke, the effects of smoking, the facts about tobacco, ways to say no, and smoking prevention activities.

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Best Seller! This was necessary because I need 30 images to make a bingo card and it's tough to come up with 30 different images for one show. Top 10 Activities. Have fun! Click here to begin. Fan Art. Print Help.