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Here are five tips to writing the perfect query letter. This is probably one of the most important aspects of selling your novel. Personalize your query letter. Mention other books by that publisher that were successful, and why you believe your story would fit in among them. Is it a perfect genre fit? Does it address similar themes? Many authors get caught in the trap of overselling their novel.

Let the agents know what the story is and let them figure out how successful it will be. Start off strong and cut to the chase. Save information about you for the end. This actually brings us to the next point. Query letter should only be about two things: your book, and why the book is a good fit. They really are the experts. They also campaign for us, as our trade union, and the CEO regularly meets publishers at the highest level to argue for change and partnership on our behalf.

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Sunday, 15 June What am I doing? Wednesday, 1 January New Year, new direction. In September , I announced that I was laying this blog to rest. I'd said everything, many times; I was tired, and I needed to focus on other work, focus on trying to earn a living. I was also starting another blog, a more general one, though including writing advice, over on my main website. That I'd be straddling two blogs, that I couldn't hold myself back from giving advice here. I shouldn't have said it.

Publishers say, "But these special sales can be really good for you"

Blogging is incredibly time-consuming, all-too-consuming. In December, I took a look at my workload for , my hopes and wishes, and realised that this free advice for writers has to stop, much as I enjoy it.

So, I'm stopping again. I've deleted a few posts, including book recommendations, but left all the advice here for you. It's all free. A side-effect of giving advice is that people ask for more. The more one gives, the more people ask. My email box fills up with people who haven't read the blog but who've heard I give advice, and who ask me for free individual advice, disregarding the fact that actually, you know, I have to eat. And sleep. And work. Or, perhaps, you could buy my books? Because if you want to be a writer, you have to understand the model: if people don't buy books, writers can't be published.

And, behind the scenes, I'm working on some fiction. I'll also be working on my health. I'm not ill, but if I carry on sitting on my backside all day I will be. People who sit down too much die too young. I plan to avoid that. Actually, I looked into a standing-desk!

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But instead of a standing desk, I'll be ing my life, using Kate Harrison's book. If you've valued my advice or enjoyed my fiction, do think about buying any of my books. You can do so from my website if you'd like a signed copy. I also sell most of my ebooks from there. Click the books covers you see on this page, or go straight to my shop. If you've already bought all you want, thank you - very much! But I'm not. Do join me there, where you'll find me flying the flag for libraries and schools, supporting young people, shouting about the teenage brain and stress, sounding off about things that bug me, and generally being me.

With chocolate, fizz and shoes. I've got my eye on some new boots It will only be once every weeks and will focus on valuable information, often about our brains, stress, teenagers, or things to do with books. It won't just be about me! Head over to my website and click the link. The first issue will be in the next few weeks - and I'll be reviewing and offering a freebie relating to Your Life. Happy to all of you - may you all find time and space and strength and opportunity to follow your own hearts. This is not about a reviewer; nor is it even about the number or quality of reviews that The Times might decide to commission from in-house staff or elsewhere.

Sometimes, it works, as this week when The University of Kent had to back down after a barrage of protest at the disparaging wording of its creative writing MA blurb. This may be one of the latter situations. We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned to hear of the recent sacking of your children's book reviewer, Amanda Craig. During her years on your paper, Amanda has gained an international reputation as an outstanding reviewer, and as a unique advocate for children's books in general. By sacking a reviewer of Amanda Craig's stature, The Times is sending a very unfortunate message to readers at home and abroad.

The coverage of children's books in the UK print media is already worryingly thin - and to make this decision is incomprehensible.

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We export more books than any other country in the world, and, as the Olympics last year showed, the UK's children's literature is a national treasure. Amanda Craig spotted and championed J. She has never paid attention to hype, only to what is genuinely good. We need reviewers of her skill to be given the space to carry on doing the same for the authors and the readers of the future. The Times should also realise that their own fate is linked to the fate of the children's book world.

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Readers of children's books become readers of newspapers. Tuesday, 3 December Online traps for unwary writers Imagine you're a writer or illustrator who one day hopes to be published.

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  8. Yes, I know: most of you are, so it won't be hard to imagine. Or imagine you're already published, as many of you are.

    How To Write a Great Literary Agent Query Letter

    Imagine that you've created a character, or a world, or whatever, and you're writing about it on your blog or wherever. Imagine you put some text or some pictures, sketches perhaps, on your Facebook page.

    Guest Post: Dear Agent — Write the Letter That Sells Your Book

    People like them and give you lovely feedback. You develop the character or whatever and keep working at it, sometimes putting bits of material on Facebook. And imagine you get a book deal out of it!