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Such learning activities lay the groundwork for financial and entrepreneurial achievement, and shows that just as in other competencies, starting early may be key.

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  3. The job of the chief financial officer is rapidly changing..
  4. The changing role of the 21st Century CFO.
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When preparing adolescents for careers, innovators are demonstrating cost-effective impact by giving youth first-hand experiences. CVC offers loans, provides business incubation lessons, and provides a corporate workplace setting for young entrepreneurs to launch enterprises as new career options.

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Young entrepreneurs learn through instruction, but just as importantly are connected to a mentorship and peer support network. Perhaps most excitingly, developing financial capacity among beneficiaries is helping innovators make their programs more sustainable.

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Next Generations Schools , for example, is a non-governmental organization that supports government-funded secondary schools in rural Uganda. The program works to improve management, educational and operational systems in schools, and does so through capacity-building workshops customized for school administrators, community members, and teachers. NGS combines their financial trainings with activities to mobilize additional resources on behalf of schools fundraising drives, textbook donation, public-private collaboration, etc.

By targeting their intervention to the improvement of resource management, Next Generation Schools gives school leaders the tools they need to navigate financial landscapes more successfully, proactively, and independently. Additionally, adolescent students can be leveraged as sustainability partners for innovative education programs.

New Skill Set for the 21st Century CFO

Lumni-Peru is an education financing firm that aims to increase access to higher education for a wider population of Peruvian students. They identify high potential university students and provide promising candidates financial aid to meet most of their education needs. Lumni-Peru's investment model is attractive to investors and sustainable because of the high potential of its beneficiaries.

Students selected by Lumni-Peru are university students in their mid-university careers, studying in fields of high employment demand and achieving promising results. These students are trained in 21st century soft skills in order to further prepare them for employability, and are further guided by nearby senior executives with over 8 years of experience, who offer them mentorship and coaching throughout their engagement with Lumni-Peru, on a volunteering basis. With this innovative financing model, the better Lumni-Peru is at identifying and developing employable youth, the more funding they will have to continue their impact.

As financial institutions expand throughout lower and middle-income countries, knowing what to leverage, as well as what to avoid, will be more important than ever for young people.

Small Business Trends for the 21st Century

Center for Global Development. Clinton Global Initiative.

Devex: innov8aid. FHI Degrees. But to do these things, to use data to promote transformation, leaders must not limit their efforts to technology. They need also ask how their roles must adapt, their behaviors change, and the tools they employ be turned toward promoting fundamental change in thinking, not just completing tasks more efficiently. As well, they need to reinvent planning and decision-making, and harness the efforts of people across the organization to promote holistic change through shared learning and understanding.

These initiatives need to start at the top, with the CEO, but they must migrate through the next levels of the organization, beginning with the key roles of C-Level people such as the CFO.

The changing role of the 21st Century CFO

CFOs have been tasked with more and more duties and responsibilities in recent years and must find a way to both successfully adapt and adopt. They are expected to provide instant replies to just about any question that the CEO or Board asks about business performance. But if CFOs are going to succeed in the coming years, they are going to have to adapt their behavior and adopt new skills and tools.