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Prove the complications That are rife at Government House.

His Excellency Regrets Lyrics

Certain situations We could never let a lady see, There are strange vibrations In the life at Government House. Truth is often sacrificed for reasons of diplomacy. Girls: That of course we understand But all the same it must be grand To be So suave, so calm, so dignified!

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The zoo closed in , the year after the last captive Tasmanian tiger - the yawning marsupial in that scratchy film - died there. Some metres away, Government House, with a lineage back to Tasmania's establishment years ago this year, is closed to outsiders as residents mourn the death of a salesman.

Labor's errant knight, Richard Butler, appointed governor by the late premier Jim Bacon last year with the bizarre mission to spruik Tasmania's wares to the world, breathed death into his governorship in just 10 months. Butler never really had a hope. Apart from his Shakespearean hubris, his Sydney connection was a black mark from the start.

An apparent conversion from overt republicanism to smarmy monarchist made him seem a main chancer with a speciality in hypocrisy. And he piled insult upon ennui, choosing not to take the traditional role of St John Ambulance patron, failing to wear a poppy on November 11, racing through presentation ceremonies, requisitioning a police car so he and his wife, Jennifer, could enjoy the fruits of law and order. By the time the governor's wife told friends she wasn't all that keen on military or church functions as she didn't believe in them, the odd couple were personae non grata.


His Excellency Regrets

On Monday night Butler handed in his commission. Butler's career had embraced some great moments in Australian national life. He was a favoured son of Gough Whitlam, a United Nations weapons inspector, yet he was a man whose high-handed attitude to Pacific neighbours saw them deny Australia a place on the UN Security Council his fall from grace was hot bar talk at last weekend's Pacific Forum in Samoa.

His Excellency Regrets

Clearly, not a man with the common touch. Yet his last official duty before agreeing to fall on his ceremonial sword last Monday was to host a reception for a women's talking group, the national Penguin Club. What a waste. HOW IS IT that Australia's vice-regal positions, where the prerequisites of duty, humility and deference seem custom-made for judges and generals, occasionally attract lesser mortals?

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Take the Earl of Hopetoun, for example. He became Australia's first governor-general in but went home 16 months later after Parliament refused him a pay rise. They must be brave, For daily They're called upon to save His Excellency's face. Certain situations They could never let a lady see. There are strange vibrations In the life of Government House.

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  4. Truth is often sacrificed For reasons of diplomacy. That, of course, you understand.

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    They Who break the ninth commandment every day Would hang their heads in shame and say 'Forgive, We have To live Officially on feet of clay. Every minute We're made to sin, it Is really very depraved, But to Hell with the lies we tell-- His Excellency's honour must be saved! His Excellency regrets That owing to an attack of gout He really dare not venture out On Saturday to dine.