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And I was fascinated when I learned that this tale is not so far fetched; there is, in fact, a town called Lily Dale filled with mediums that say they can actually make contact with spirits.

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The thin line between reality and fantasy makes this book even more interesting. Good for her! When the ending wraps up one mystery only to intensify another, readers will be impatient for the next installment. Kindle Google Play Nook Kobo. Audible iTunes. As school begins at Lily Dale High, Calla finally starts to feel at home in her new town. Someone is desperately trying to contact her again-this time because the killer, whose victim she helped locate, has kidnapped another girl and may be after Calla next. Calla is growing. Many of the threads left over from the last book have been fleshed out and added to, but they are not resolved.

The series is getting better and stronger. Calla and her friends are very much teens of today. While the book features the unfortunate but very real topic of teen abduction, it also presents a story of the strength of family connections, even from the other side.

Although Lily Dale is a world apart from her old life in sunny Florida, Calla has finally accepted her ability to communicate with the Other Side.

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But as she and Jacy grow closer, his visions show Calla in serious danger. Atlas Obscura Experiences.

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The ritual has been performed uninterrupted for nearly years. It seems that there is a serial killer on the lose again and it is up to Carla to catch him before the people she cares about get hurt trying to protect her. The way these characters are explored is just terrific and one is left amazed at all the details that go into the story. Lily Dale breaks down the story into very easy parts one can quickly understand and these makes these series the best when it comes to reading every book flows into the next seamlessly without a pause and this makes her a good writer.

The books in these series are very engaging and amazing at the same time not only can they be read by young adults but also by anyone that loves suspense,intrigue, mysteries,solving murders and romance.

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