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I love and miss you so much, Mama. Your story is so much like my own. My mom just passed away two weeks ago. I am so unbelievably sad and am always on the verge of tears all day long.

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So many what ifs. So much guilt in if all the medical decisions that were made were the right ones. Could anything else be done to have helped her live longer. I too ask her daily for a sign that she is ok and I am waiting for her to visit me in my dreams. Problem is I am not sleeping much these days. I just miss my mama so much! My mother died this past April. She was Last week was her birthday. Finally i am letting myself feel the grief. And i cry. My mom passed July 8th of this year and some days I find myself really dwelling on guilt.

My mom was bipolar and schizophrenic with a dependent personality disorder and she was in a group home at the time of her passing. I got along fine but I think it was the denial that helped atleast get me through until I was 3 weeks postpartum. I read more into my moms medical records over the daily reports from the group home she was in where she thought it was her fault for not being able to hear from family or why she got transferred from her previous group home that she did wonderfully in.

I do not understand what type of facilities can forbid patients to be visited by their beloved family members? How is that even possible? It can not be the truth…That is completely wrong. As we see that brought only death to your beloved mother. What good brings that type of isolation? Thank you so much for that beautiful piece. My mother died on 6 July In the first year I cried every day, well actually almost every hour. Like many of your commenters I was very close to my mother. But to make matters worse, my mother was English. So i know she would have hated all this sentimentality and emoting.

Thank you again and to all the other contributors. I wish us all well in our grief. I cry every day and will never stop…my mom died Sepember — she was my home. Thank you for this piece, it is exactly how i feel.

I miss her so much. Love and miss you always my dear mom, she was gone in one instant, heart attack, she was never sick, never took a pill or anything. Well my mother past away in and one of my friend came in with a plant so later I put it in a clay pot but it did not live a few days ago I was thinking about the plant so few days later I went to a friend house and I noticed a plant at the house I use to live in so when I came home I was thinking of the plant so I was talking to a friend and I talk to my sister and they was saying things I did not want to hear do last night I went over ther and talk to the lady at the and that was my mother plant 29 years later I am going to get her and bring her home oh God I cried.

Thank you so much for writing this. My mom passed away in August on the 17th at 75 years old. I now look at the 17th of every month differently.

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I am 36 years old and still feel like a big baby missing my mommy. She had a lung disease that seemed non-threatening for about 10 years but suddenly became the catalyst for many things in her body to begin going wrong, very quickly.

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After survivng sepsis in April of , she contracted it again in August and had a major stroke. She was so active and tried so hard to take care of herself. She died in the same hospital building in which I was born. I always think about that-that she held me there for the first time and I held her hand and said goodbye to her there for the last time. She was unconscious for a week before a ventilator that had been placed in was removed and she passed.

A week after her funeral I gave birth to my 2nd child.

He came 2 months early. I started bleeding and had a placental abruption. Thankfully he is fine and God helped him progress without any medical issues. I told her a few days before he passed although she remained unconscious.

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I hope her spirit heard me. I have trouble looking at life for what it is, and I constantly think about if she were here she would see this or that in our lives. I should be thankful for my son and thankful that she saw my 1 year old daughter grow up for a year. I wear her clothes and find it almost supernatural how her scent remains through so many washes. It gives me comfort somehow. This is exactly how I feel and describes my feelings beutifully. My beautiful mom has passed awY only a year ago September 30, Just writting this is surreal. My dear mom is everywhere, I miss her so much.

My mom deserved better so much better. I love you and miss you forever. Then my dad took not well back in November and passed away on the 12th of January so that is both parents gone now. Thank you for your thoughts. You are a very gifted writer. I lost my mother 2 years ago this month and it still feels like yesterday. I saw my mother everyday of my life until she passed.

Mommy Dearest

You are correct in saying your mother is home. I found this today because for whatever reason I am just really missing her today. My mom passed away December 24, when I was 19 years old. My beautiful mother went to be with the Lord April 18th, That day will forever be the worst and most tragic day in my life because my life changed forever in a very terrible way. According to American Cancer Society, mom had one of the worst and most aggressive type of cancer studied in cancer journals. She was also diabetic.

Lovingly Yours, Mommy

I was denied a UK visa twice, was only granted after I called the embassy crying that I needed to go and bury my mom. I arrived two hours after she was buried. I loved my beautiful mother, she was the love of my life. I have never felt so alone in this world since she went to heaven.

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I struggle everyday with her passing! I know I will never ever be happy again, because there is this pain deep down inside my heart that never goes away. Even when I try to be happy, the pain is always starring right back at me. I literally cry for my mother everyday.