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She grabbed her dressing gown from the back of the chair, pulled it over her shoulders and stomped to the top of the stairs. You're visiting Aunt Matilda, or have you forgotten? Molly's mood brightened. Aunt Matilda was fun; she liked the same boy bands that Molly liked. She was a little eccentric, but she made wonderful cakes. Molly tapped the top of her boiled egg and removed it with a spoon then picked up a toast soldier and dipped it into the egg. She looked up as Mr Miggins entered the room with Granny Whitewand.

He helped her to her chair by the fire before sitting at the table himself. Granny Whitewand always got her name wrong.

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I thought we might run the finale again then and try to reverse the spell. It will take me a couple of days to dismantle the cabinets, check them and rebuild them again. We don't want take a chance on anything else going wrong do we? I'll need an assistant until we get Mum back. But won't it be difficult having to get me, you and Mum through the vanishing cabinets?

I can't risk losing you as well. I'm going to try to reverse the trick without anyone going into the cabinets. I've been looking through some old magic books and I think I know how to do it. I might do a bit of research at the academy this week to see if I can find out anything about it.

Molly showered, put on her new witch's clothes and went to her mother's study. Granny Whitewand and Mr Miggins looked up as she came in. I've already copied the markings onto paper. It really is a very old wand. Wonky's the best wand ever. He's probably fired some really spectacular spells in his time. The thing is though, is he safe to use now? You have to be very careful, being such a junior witch.

In the meantime don't use it, in public at least. You will be fine practicing here at home. Molly followed Mr Miggins into his study, she looked for the security parrot that sometimes guarded the door but he was nowhere to be seen.

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Molly wandered round the magician's study, idly picking up trinkets and bits of magic equipment while Mr Miggins made some notes about Molly's new wand. Most of the poems are British, and among them are many delightful old songs and rhymes, verses of bygone days, ballads, and carols. This p. The Pilgrim's Progress.

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Illustrated by the Brothers Rhead. Children will enjoy the fine illustrations in this soberly bound volume, whose brown coat is much the color of the one good Pilgrim wore on the long journey where he led the way for so many earnest souls. With an introductory study by N. Illustrated by Louis Rhead. No David can fall so low but that Christ's mercy and God's love can lift him from the depths of selfishness and sin back to the throne of manhood and the sceptre of influence.

Even p. The fine full-page pictures in this large well-printed volume add to its beauty and interest. I advise you, if you are a child anywhere under forty-five, and do not yet wear glasses, to send at once for Evenings at Home, and read that story. For myself, I am always grateful to the writer of it for calling my attention to common things.

They all encourage a child's powers of observation. While these elementary talks have been arranged to accompany the school year, they give so much information about fruits and seeds, young plants, roots and stems, flowers, et cetera, told in Mrs.

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Dana's clear, informing way, that we shall all want our children to know the book, and to learn the great lesson of how to see, which is taught them. The many illustrations are helpful. The insects described are the more interesting common forms of Spring and early Summer. The plain little volume contains twenty short, fully illustrated chapters. Little Lisbeth loses her mother and goes to live with the good Kjersti, the mistress of Hoel Farm, helping to take care of the cattle. Hans Aanrud's short stories are considered by his own countrymen as belonging to the most original and artistically finished life pictures that have been produced by the younger literati of Norway.

The Story without an End. With a preface by Thomas Wentworth Higginson. Written by an eminent German philosopher, and translated by Mrs. Sarah Austin for her own daughter, this beautiful tale, with its exquisite language, leads a child into the land of truth and beauty. An account of Lieutenant Peary's little daughter, who was born amid the ice and snow of the Polar regions.

The book is well illustrated from photographs. Three p. The ways and customs of the red man are described as they existed during the early days of this boy, before the coming of the whites. Later Docas had his home at the Mission in the days of Father Junipero Serra, and last of all, an old old man, dwelt, with his children and grandchildren, on a ranch. This book of suggestions for children's games and employments will be a help to the busy mother when her own supply of indoor and outdoor amusements is exhausted.

There are directions for five hundred plays and pastimes, including gardening, candy-making, and writing, guessing, and acting, games. This account of the boyhood of ten lads illustrates different periods and civilizations from Aryan days to the present time. The narrative of the first two years of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, based largely on Governor Bradford's history.

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Maps and illustrations add to the book's interest. I have given as much of Bradford's own story as possible in the following pages, interwoven with the relations of Mount and Winslow, to which Bradford himself makes frequent reference.

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The history of our country naturally divides itself into three portions. First, there is the period of Discovery and Exploration It is with this romantic time that the present volume deals The latest authorities have been made tributary to this volume, and the author has spared no pains to have it correct in every statement of facts, and in the difficult matter of dates.

Many well-known mythical and historic tales are included. There are maps and illustrations. This companion to The Story of the Greeks gives, in like manner, a simple relation of Roman history from mythical days to the fall of the Empire. It contains maps and illustrations. Children will find this small book interesting. It tells of the lives of some of the noted painters of different lands and periods; among them Raphael, Rembrandt, Reynolds, and Millet. The illustrations are from famous paintings.

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A companion to Stories of Great Artists, which briefly recounts the careers of famous musicians; among them Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, and Wagner. Many of the illustrations are from paintings. The p.

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This large oblong volume contains full-page pictures in color. They also tell of the use of the hornbook and the sun-dial, describe the making of soap and candles, and so forth. Although we learn about our country from prehistoric days to the time of Washington, most of the book is devoted to the early exploration and settlement of North and South America.