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Travellers to distant places needed maps. This plan of Jerusalem is found in a book of maps and sea charts, produced in Venice. This city in northern Spain is believed to be the resting place of St James, one of the twelve apostles. According to legend, James went to Spain to spread the Gospel before returning to Jerusalem, where he was beheaded. His friends placed his head and body in a boat, which miraculously carried them to the Galician coast.

After suffering trials and persecutions at the hands of local pagans, they finally buried his remains on a hill now the site of the famous cathedral of Santiago , where they lay forgotten for many centuries.

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The cult of St James was revived in the 7th and 8th centuries when Christianity in Spain was under threat from Muslim expansion. St James allegedly appeared in a dream to Charlemagne, urging him to liberate his tomb from the Moors and showing him the direction to follow by the Milky Way: the name Compostela is believed to derive from the Latin campus stellae field of stars. The first known pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela was Gotescalc, bishop of Puy in France, who visited the shrine in The Empress Matilda, granddaughter of William the Conqueror, went on pilgrimage there in By the 12th century, half a million pilgrims were travelling from as far as Scandinavia, England and southern Italy, and hospitals, hostels, roads and bridges had been built to accommodate them.

Getting there and back is much easier than in the Middle Ages, when most people walked or rode on horseback. Pilgrims came from all corners of Europe to worship at Canterbury Cathedral, where Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered by four knights on the evening of 29 December The upper two depict Becket at table, being told of the knights' arrival. The routes from London and Winchester remain popular with modern pilgrims, passing through the Sussex and Kent countryside.

Many people like to watch travel programmes on television, seeing places we may never visit. Some people were unable to go on pilgrimage, but they could make a spiritual journey using guides or maps.

Numerous medieval versions of the allegorical pilgrimage were written for this purpose, where the pilgrim had to overcome various obstacles to reach the final goal of spiritual fulfilment. In this French text, the pilgrim is guided by the lady Grace-Dieu. As far as we know, Matthew never made the journey himself, instead learning of the route from travellers who passed through St Albans Abbey in the 13th century.

The first part of his plan shows the journey from London in the lower left-hand column to Dover and then, in the right-hand column, from Boulogne-sur-Mer on the French coast to Beauvais. In the medieval world, animals also went on pilgrimage.

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If you make any payment by bank transfer you must inform us and send a scanned copy of your bank transfer transaction confirmation. We welcome applications from all adults including university students, professionals and those with other experience, regardless of educational background. Gap year students ie those who will already have finished high school by the start of the programmes will be considered for admission. Due to the nature and location of the programmes, gap year students under 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian acting as a chaperone.

The chaperone will need to live in College in a room adjacent to the participant, and to attend classes with the participant. Chaperones are charged for accommodation and meals.

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If English is not your first that is, your native language, you will need to meet our English language requirements, by providing evidence of one of the following tests. These results should have been achieved in the same sitting, and no more than 2 years before the date of application. Please note that if you have previously attended our University of Cambridge International Summer Programmes you are deemed to have already met this requirement and do not therefore need to provide further proof of English language proficiency.

If you think you may be eligible to apply on this basis subject to submission of relevant evidence , or if you have any other enquiries about your English language, please contact us before applying at intlang ice. It is important to ensure that you have the correct visa which permits study on the International Summer Programmes. Please read this section even if you have attended the International Summer Programmes for a number of years.

The UK has recently expanded the use of eGates at all major airports to eligible nationals of seven additional countries:. However, individuals wishing to enter the UK as a short-term student are not eligible to use the eGates. Please be aware that if you use the eGates, you are admitted into the UK as a visitor if you have not applied for a visa in advance of arrival. Permission as a visitor does not allow you to enter the UK for the purpose of study and, as such, you would not be able to attend the programme.

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You will need to join the queue at immigration control in order to speak to a Border Force officer, present your Short-term study letter and request entry as a Short-term student. This should ensure you receive the Short-term study stamp in your passport which is the permission you require for study.

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The University is required to check you have been granted the correct immigration permission prior to you commencing your programme. The countries in the EEA are:.

If you have permanent residence in, but not citizenship of, any of these countries, you are not an EEA national. Whether you need to apply for a visa in advance or entry clearance as a short-term student upon arrival at the UK border depends on your nationality as outlined below. Further information on the requirements for this visa, how to apply and the application fee are outlined at www.

Please note you will not be able to apply until you have received the Acceptance Letter for the International Summer Programmes to support your application. You will need to ensure you inform officials at Immigration Control that you are visiting the UK for the purpose of study and show the Acceptance Letter issued to you for the International Summer Programmes. Your passport should then be stamped with a short-term study entry stamp. There is no fee attached to entry at the border under this route. If you hold other valid immigration permission for the UK, for example a Tier 4 visa or indefinite leave to remain, you must inform us of the document you hold and we will confirm whether this allows you to study on our International Summer Programmes.

If you arrive with a visa which does not permit study, you would not be able to start your programme. We strongly advise that all visa nationals supply us with a copy of their visa before arrival; ideally four weeks before travel, so the University can flag any potential issues and advise accordingly. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain a visa or entry stamp that permits study. If you do not have an appropriate immigration status we will explain your options and you should be aware that this may have implications on your registration — we recommend that you follow the guidance above and contact us with any queries.

Non-visa nationals only: Please be aware that if you plan to travel overseas at the weekend, during your stay, that you will need to present your Summer Programmes Acceptance Letter when you come back into the country again, requesting entry as a Short-term student and ensuring you receive a second short-term study entry stamp.

Visa regulations are subject to change. We will advise accepted students via our Virtual Learning Environment VLE of changes when we can, but are unable to provide individual advice in relation to visa applications. It is your responsibility to make sure you understand and meet the immigration requirements of the UK, and obtain the correct visa to study at the University of Cambridge. You must apply in sufficiently good time for the appropriate visa to ensure that you are able to start and complete your course of study at the University of Cambridge International Summer Programmes.

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The University cannot accept responsibility for decisions made by these external government agencies. Please be aware that we cannot refund fees in the case of a Visa application being refused. You may cancel your booking at any time before the start of your programme. Cancellations are subject to the policies detailed in our refund and cancellation policy. Before applying, please ensure that you have read the programme requirements including who can apply, English language requirements and visa guidance and that you have understood our Booking terms and conditions.

You may also find it helpful to read our Booking information. To book online and pay by credit or debit card click on the Book Now button at the top of this page. You will be directed to our online booking system where you select your programme and will then be taken through the booking process step by step. If you meet all of the requirements and have provided all of the relevant information your application will be processed and accepted. If your application is incomplete eg missing language codes or information you will receive an email, and your application will be 'pending' until the issue is resolved.

NB: Course and room allocations will not be made while applications are pending.

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You will receive your acceptance letter by email including allocated courses and accommodation , along with a finance summary showing the fees paid and any outstanding balance. You will also be emailed login details for the VLE from mid-January onwards , where you can access the Student Handbook, course materials, information about your College and weekend excursions.

Please note: some emails sent from our office are occasionally redirected to junk or spam folders. Please ensure that you check these folders regularly once you have applied. Email: intenq ice. Find us Contact us. Search our courses. Who can apply? Why Cambridge?

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The dangerous book for girls Time to get volunteering! Medieval Studies Summer Programme. Container Programme The academic programme Four courses two per week Series of plenary lectures Evening talks Contact hours: up to 53 hours Programme description The programme is challenging and is predicated on doing advance reading. Courses Click on each course for a detailed description uploaded as available.