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Catch the sunset over drinks by the bar or laze away on the spacious double daybeds only steps away from the curve of Jimbaran beach. Try the handcrafted cocktails — the signature Sundara Red Snapper is as feisty as its name suggests.

Open daily, 8am — 1am. Expect stellar international DJs to be helming the decks or bands playing unplugged sessions while you soak up the five-star ambiance. Open daily, 4pm — midnight. Sip on a shared.. Swig icy cold frothy beers on tap or enjoy daily cocktail specials while watching the sun go down over the peaceful lagoon. Simply stunning! Open daily, 7. With its rustic beach-chic vibes, Sandy Bay Beach Club has become the must-visit sundowner vantage point on Nusa Lembongan — perfect for letting your hair down, or even getting it wet the bean-shaped infinity pool is well worth a dip!

Unwind and gorge on sensational beachy fare fresh fish, burgers and Indonesian treats galore with a wicked wine list and happy hour cocktails to match. Open daily, 8am — 10pm. The Japanese-Latino fusion vibes at this famed Ubud restaurant also extend into their super cool drinks list, with its fabulous selection of sakes and South-American inspired cocktails. Perched on the edge of Sayan gorge, the rustic al fresco terrace and cute garden area boast jaw-dropping jungly views that go just right with a long drink and early-evening hues.

Open daily, midday — 10pm. Come for the cocktails, stay for the chilled ambiance and remote west-coast ambiance. Facing the black sand beaches and crashing waves of Tabanan, Soori is well worth a trip off the beaten path to this hidden resort gem. Open daily. With degree views across the tree-line, there are few places that top this as a blissed-out retreat sunset spot for a drink or three.

Salty hair, sandy toes and red wine lips, Louise is a die-hard island addict and committed vino-phile. Read more from Louise. All rights reserved. Skip links Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Press 'Enter' to search. Guides 28 beach clubs for your Bali bucket list. Louise Salty hair, sandy toes and red wine lips, Louise is a die-hard island addict and committed vino-phile. Love this? Check these out:. It's Canggu's 18 best bars. About Us Advertising Contact. My writing partner and I were in town to pitch the screenplay for Scrooged , and we were staying at the Bel Age Hotel.

So we went down to the lobby to Diaghilev, this French-Russian restaurant with mother-daughter harpists. It had a lot of pageantry and pretension, like this place, but it was all him, it was all Dimitri. I fell in love with the man. He works harder than anyone in the restaurant business. Bill Murray once took him across the street to make him ride the mechanical bull at the cowboy bar at three in the morning Near the couple are Andy Samberg and his writing partner Akiva Schaffer, both of whom used to live at the hotel when they were working in Los Angeles.

Perpetually checking place settings, polishing silverware and adjusting tables—he carries a four-top by himself—Dimitrov clocks at least five miles walking the floor, a team of waiters hovering around him like opera singers watching their conductor. He made his fateful move to L. All the places that used to do that in L. A potent brew of vodka, gin, Luxardo Maraschino cherries and lime juice, it is a stiff drink that keeps on giving. Salty, sweet and a little funky, both the man and the cocktail have an effect, an aftertaste, a hangover that lingers on.

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Both of them, in a word: unforgettable. Worse yet, did he believe his own words? How far would he go to get her back?

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She shuddered and shot a furtive prayer to the heavens: Please, Nana. Get me out of this mess. Before she could change her mind, she took a deep breath, slid to the right and bumped against the table with the groceries, one of the bags spilling to the floor. He was too quick. Grabbing her hair with one hand, he pulled her back into the room and flung her against the wall next to the table and slammed the door with the other. Her scalp was on fire. Hot tears blurred her vision and splashed onto her cheeks in spite of her resolve not to give him the satisfaction.

He stared down at her, his breath hot on her forehead. In spite of her pain and fear, or perhaps because of it, she put on her best doe-eyed expression. Ah, perfect. She wrapped her fingers around the neck of the bottle nestled inside the grocery bag beside her. Steady, breathe. She had to time it right. He relaxed his grip, sliding his hands from her hair to her shoulders. Of course I do.

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We were good together. Her skin itched under his touch, as pleasant as a thousand infected mosquito bites. He smiled, a cruel curling of the lips that left her cold. Strange how she used to think he was attractive, with his thick blond hair and intense brown eyes. She bit the inside of her cheek and tasted the metallic salt of her own blood. He leaned in close and kissed her, covering the length of her body with his larger, more powerful one. Been there, done that.


Abby grabbed her handbag. On the run again, with nothing but the clothes on her back and a purse that held lip gloss, a granola bar, pepper spray, cell phone, and a wallet with forty dollars.

She put her hand on the doorknob to flee when the doorbell buzzed. Had someone heard them struggling and decided to check on her? How would she explain the guy on the floor behind her?

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Icy fingers of fear seeped into her pores. Heart pounding, Abby risked a look over her shoulder. No movement. The buzzer chimed again. She took a deep breath, squinting through the peephole. A man wearing a tan uniform and bored expression tapped an electronic clipboard with a pen. Now it was her turn to huff. So much for thinking I travel incognito. Every Joe Schmo knows I live here.

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She snuck another peek at the still form behind her. Why would this time be any different? You live at this address? The writing looked familiar, too, bringing to mind birthday cards and to-do lists from much happier days. Clapping a hand to her mouth, she stepped back.

A weak groan behind her snapped Abby out of her fog. She grabbed her bag with one hand, the handle of the suitcase with the other, and closed the door on yet another home. She had to leave. Without looking back, she ran down the hallway in the opposite direction as the delivery man. Breathless from bumping along downstairs with the bulky suitcase, she sped through the lobby as fast as she could manage while dragging the red monstrosity and raced outside onto the curb to hail a taxi. He pointed to her luggage on the sidewalk. She had no particular destination in mind, but she could afford the fare to the station and lose herself in the crowd while she decided whether to hop a subway or Amtrak.

Whatever her future held, it definitely included a one-way ticket out of the city she had once imagined would be the place to hide her from her crazy-ex-turned-stalker.