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What is your fuel? What is your mission?

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LR: I think the idea of manifesting my most grand potentials drives me. I have a good feeling of the destinies available for me, but I also believe that they have to be activated and actualized. The gifts that I have been given seem so diverse at times that I wonder how can I thrive splitting my energies between such contrasting goals.

You know … that moment that shatters Maya. That shift that brings you into permanent integrity with the all-that-Is. From that position, all lesser goals seem to handle themselves. Channeling music of my dreams, revitalizing my physical being or yielding a positive impact on my world. JZ: Yes, those moments are powerful and really put things in perspective. Speaking of perspective, is there anything that unifies the threads you are weaving?

LR: I think to understand why I do my work, it helps to understand the context of my environment. Growing up within Los Angeles, identifying with hip-hop counter culture, meanwhile being rather nerdy and going through an intense spiritual awakening. Growing up alongside the internet like a twin sibling. Trying to discover alternative lifestyle possibilities in my American dream or nightmare. For me there is an innate understanding about how culture comes at me which allows me to spin culture back at the world. It is a very Aquarian age, and there is a Meet-Up group for any of your interests.

Within this age of personalization and torrential information. Eclecticism may describe the new common culture. This is why creating mixtapes, networks of people, designing apps, teaching astrology, and finding spiritual liberation can all coexist in me. The way I see, we are here to externalize any value we have to add to the to world. Any goal that you can invest your totality into stands to be claimed. I am here to live in color and create prolifically.

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JZ: And you are succeeding! I love the tapestry you are weaving. Where do you see yourself in five, ten years? LR: I am glad you asked me this…. Mastering the art of lifestyle-entrepreneurship and self-sustainability, making a living using what I know and doing what I love. Lots of art and music to show. Thriving networks and business created by skillfully wielding the web. I see myself as having made foundational corrections to my food and daily lifestyle.

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Love that! So how about in ten years? LR: In 10 years I see myself as having made the major next step spiritually towards moksha liberation. I see blocks being cleared in various chakras and the release of karmic debts. Having kids sounds like a probability. By this time I believe my worldly affairs will have created enough momentum to sustain a self-made lifestyle. JZ: May your plans emerge more deliciously than you can image now!

I hope to be involved in some of what you accomplish! If so, who and why? LR: One of my biggest personal heroes is Dane Rudhyar. He was the writer and astrologer who really blew the top of my crown. He is in someways a prophet to me, or at least an upgrade to the humanity software. The things he wrote about at the time was WAY beyond the thinking of the day. Not to mention he was also a musician and poet. I think the diversity but coherence of pursuits inspired me to be very individualistic in my goals.

Astrology and natal chart of John Witherspoon (actor), born on /01/27

Another one of my biggest heroes is S. Goenka the modern day founder of the Vipassana ten-day meditation retreats. It might not buy happiness, but like you say, he was a successful businessman and was able to be a cultural force through it. So that counts for something. Anyone else? The self-discipline and the will to win is what I admire. Lastly I have honorary hero of anyone who ever silently made it to enlightenment yet still decided to do works in the world.

JZ: Ok. How did you get into astrology? Tell me your genesis story.

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I became super interested in the whole system and even became somewhat of an MBTI reader. It was not only personal, but collective. I began to devour books, and read so many charts. And doing some really great work in the field. Natal interpretation and transit watching are some of my favorite things to witness. I am currently the in-house astrologer at Wanderlust Hollywood Yoga studio in Los Angeles, and I give consultations weekly.

John Witherspoon (actor): Astrological Article and Chart

This is really fun because I love taking people from terrestrial to cosmic thinking. Ask them about what happened the year that the planet went direct. Watch the results! I think harmonic charts and these odd aspects reveal the subtle, more-refined aspects of consciousness and learning. Use them! Check out the website Serennu.

I kind of look at it as preparing a dish and the asteroids are the different seasonings to help you prepare multiple styles of readings. JZ: Super quirky! LR: Yeah! To be in tune with planetary positions as they rise, culminate and set and as they aspect your natal positions we can be intelligently in-tune with the sway of the moment. Watching this array of influences moment to moment deeply helps me to connect more consciously to what the planets are.

Astro-cartography was one of the first techniques I learned once I got the hang of the basics and it also blew me away. Tell me, is there anything I do not know about you that I should know? A favorite story about yourself that shows me who you are? As you see, mental status is very dependent upon other body systems. Human physical appearance refers to the outward phenotype or look of human beings.

Here is how our 4 steps approach is designed to help you: Step 1: The easy bit! Choose the correct word from a list. Generally, I am handsome. Vocabulary Learn some vocabulary here.