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Can One LED Light Give You Perfect Skin?

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A tiny mutation gifts a person with golden locks, scientists find

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Skin deep: enhanced sleep depth by cutaneous temperature manipulation.

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    Skin deep, ex-gang members looking beyond the tattoos by Steven Burton — Kickstarter

    What does this prominently placed imagery mean for those men and women who somehow extricate themselves from gang life or are released from prison or want to separate themselves from the gang and start life anew? The very tattoos which may have helped guard against the constant threat of rival gangs now bar many ex-gang members from employment, life without harassment, and the freedom to move on from a past they have worked hard to overcome.

    Skin Deep is a photography project that seeks to show the effects of this ongoing gang conflict in Los Angeles.

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    • Photographer Steven Burton set out to photograph realistic portraits of former gang members who are trying to escape the revolving door of death and prison. For these men and women, the aftermath of gang life is not only carried within—it is also scrawled across their faces and bodies.

      Skin Deep Lyrics

      Skin Deep uniquely highlights the impact tattoos have on the way a person is perceived by showing what each participant might look like without them. The single-letter change didn't create blond mice, but those with the mutation had coats of a lighter color than those without. Learning the mechanism behind something as common—and as universally recognizable—as hair color, can help explain how genes work in other contexts, such as illnesses, where the stakes are higher, Kingsley said.

      Hopi Hoekstra , a professor of genetics at Harvard who was not involved in the research, said the new finding confirms what researchers had long suspected: that small changes in gene expression caused by only a single DNA base pair change can lead to major changes in traits. Hair color "is a great starting point to do this type of molecular dissection" because it's simple to see whether the mutation results in a change in appearance, she said.

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      The blond hair mutation—or variant—is not genetically linked to any other traits, even eye color, Kingsley said, showing that none of our stereotypes about blonds are true. In contrast, many other human variants, such as some that cause red hair , are known to affect the protein structure of genes, and therefore trigger changes everywhere in the body the gene is expressed. Red hair, fair skin, and lighter eyes tend to travel as a package, he said, and may even be genetically paired with greater sensitivity to pain and temperature changes—though probably not fiery tempers.

      Read Caption. Blond hair, like this young girl's, is caused by a single DNA base pair change.