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Intro: Minimalism and books

As students brought in books, Jenny noted down which child and how many books. During the book swap week, the last week of term, when each class visited the children chose the same number of books as they had donated. Many of the books were Duffy books that had been read. Jenny supplemented these with various good quality weeded or donated books, ensuring plenty of choice.

At Ohaeawai School, Liz set up a book swap initially as part of a book fair. It was so popular that she kept it going. Some of the Year 6 students at the end of the year have also been donating books as they leave school and have a clear out. At Mangonui School, Carol has run an annual book swap activity as part of Book Week, with students bringing in books Monday to Thursday and getting vouchers for each book donated.

The Book Swap day would take place on Friday over a long lunchtime, set up on tables in a classroom - keeping it separate from the library. The seniors get to come in to choose first as there tend to be fewer senior books. This year the school is moving the book swap to the end of Term 4 to connect with their active summer reading promotion. Carol has found it's important to emphasise to parents the quality of the books no colouring books, sticker books etc and also no pre-schooler books. In a recent innovation, teachers have set up a book swap collection in the freezer section — a great opportunity not only to swap a paperback but also to be seen as a reading role model.

Michelle suggests that if setting up an ongoing book swap project like this she would build up a basic collection first through donations, so that there is a range to choose from for exchange.

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It has taken a while to build up a collection with one going out each time one is added. Alice has always hated her appearance. So it's a very strange feeling when, looking in a mirror one day, she sees a more beautiful version of herself staring back!

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Even more surprising, the image begins speaking. Demanding to be called Alicia, the young woman in the mirror helps Alice get a sophisticated makeover--and a cute guy at school finally notices her.

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  • But what does Alicia want in return? It isn't very pretty, and Alice is soon fighting for her life. Was Mirrormask a book? Because that sounds a bit like it Check out Neil Gaimen. The movie is David Bowie wierd, but pretty good.

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    I don't know if you'll see this but I came across this in searching for a very similar book--it wound up being "Mirror Mirror on the wall" by RL Stine. Just in case you were looking for the same book I figured I'd post. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Book where a girl's reflection tricks her into swapping places? Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 1 month ago.

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    Lisa Lisa 66 3 3 bronze badges. Dunno about a book, but something very similar happens in the first season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Did the girl in the mirror hate dressing up, while the original girl loved it?

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