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Sweet blood streaks down my face and intoxicates me No more lost horizons, oh how the dark enlightens Dear flood sweep away all but the path to triumph Burn, bloom, swallow up despair, leaving only victory. Burning the brightest, give me all of your pain inside Faster and deeper down I fall into spiteful eyes. My Bune Transform the pain in me Grant proof Grant peace in faithless dreams Break through all my failings My pain, take my tribute.

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Losing touch Make yourself a martyr Play the victim you long to be Seeking pain Longing for oppression Turn yourself against all you see. Making your demands of reality, force it to conform Scream and cry and beg all the world to foster your new norm Arrogance your nature, in entitlement you drown Your delusion rests in a tower of glass, come crashing down! Brittle walls are rising high Protect your fragile pride Cradling your hollow lie Uniting to divide.

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Even wolves can cry, your tears sculpt false perception Every word you sob just a ploy for gain Sing to me a chorus of worthless deception Toxic is your speech, spitting acid rain. How is it that even those who saw me bleeding Still have turned away to worship your poison tongue?

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One last thing you took from me before my escape Left me with the pain, but you stole my scars. Given just enough to keep the dream alive, my conflict Given just enough to keep me willing to endure This raft made of brittle bones, amidst your sea of sorrow Circling vultures, peck from me this gift I cannot bear.

Vision of myself Show me what I am without All my pain Poison in my gnarled roots. My reward forever out of reach, the gleam in your eyes My nostalgia for the memory of a fantasy What would I not give to let my flame burn out forever?

Vision of myself Tell me, can I live without All my rage Live with no one left to fight. Follow me, deep into the cold Come, forsake what could be done Let your world slip away, my love Come, just let it all go numb. Is this real?

Do I truly contemplate my end? Am I now so broken? Can I heal? Can I hold out hoping I can mend?

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Cast aside all reason One more day One more hopeless night within my cage, living with a monster. Why do I resist such a beautiful ending — what is there to lose in defeat? I want nothing more than to close down and surrender, let the ice just carry me to sleep. Drifting down From the inside out I rot and sink into ink-black waters Without will Not to save myself or turn away, I can fight no longer Guiding light Please inspire but what final song, then let peace consume me Silent sigh Of a last breath held for far too long, give release, fulfill me. Seal your decay, in the tide of lies you suffocate Swallow a star, choking on the flames, degenerate.

Personify all the flaws within you that you hate Bring them to life in the twisted world that you create. Watch your power dwindle All you had burning down to ash Now unkindled, your passion dies The demon overtakes the guise of your dead angel. My voice follows you wherever you go Laughing at the ones inside your head Did you walk away with all you wanted?

Tell me your legend of divine metamorphosis Your twisted stage on which you play out your fears Gods entombed in the earth, the world a necropolis Can you smell them rotting underneath your feet? Each word you write just takes you further from reality Growing delusions, bringing forth your own hell All the rancid thoughts that you refuse to be conscious of Find their own way out and reveal your core. Fail now to see through the fast-falling night shroud Life but a dream from which you cannot wake.

Comparison always dulls our experience of life and it always leaves us feeling anxious, less than and not enough. There is a different way to live — and it is possible to train your thoughts to fight the temptation of comparison; the first step to overcoming comparison is to take the Dare to Not Compare challenge.

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Here are the details of the Dare to Not Compare challenge:. Dare not to compare yourself in any way to anyone else for a hour period of time. The purpose of this challenge is not to completely prevent the thoughts of comparison that enter your mind, but instead to proactively and consciously eliminate them with intentional thinking. It will be natural for your thoughts to go to their comfort place — to comparing — instead of allowing yourself to dwell in those thoughts and to entertain them, look through the thoughts instead of at them.

There is power in this exercise in the mental awakening it will give you as you reclaim possession as the proprietor of your thoughts. You are in charge of what you think and this dare to not compare will strengthen your skill as manager of your mind. When we look through a thought, the thought becomes like a cloud floating through the sky.

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It is a cloud that moves. What we put into our minds directly affects the state and wellbeing of our hearts, and when our hearts and minds are integrated, they determine our ability to live, engage in and enjoy life. During this challenge, look at your thoughts like clouds that are moving. Push the ones that shadow your joy away from you and look with intention for clear skies.

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As you undertake the dare to not compare challenge, it is important for you to understand exactly why comparing ourselves to others feels so natural in the first place. I believe that we engage in comparison because we are approaching life from a fundamentally flawed viewpoint: that we are in competition with others and that we must use them to measure and evaluate ourselves. Our connection to the cult of comparison is fed by our belief that our value is based on what we do, not who we are.

Click To Tweet. Our lives are inundated with messages of comparison from media and society, messages that have taught us how to measure our worth and value against that of others. Comparison is the by-product of criticism and self-judgment.